Remodel to upgrade, then make it beautiful!

Val Sporleder Seattle Interior Designer & Remodeler

You love your home, and you want to stay,
but there needs to be some changes to make that possible. 

But which projects should you tackle first, and in what order should the work be done? How do you document the work you want done so your contractor can give you an accurate bid and has a clear path on how to move forward? And how much is it going to cost? 

That’s where we come in. 

Together, we’ll assess your current space to see
what’s working for you, and... what’s not.

We'll determine a priority list based on what's bothering you the most and which items should be done together to maximize your budget.  This allows us to come up with a solid, well documented plan, and begin to discover how much the project will cost.

The consultation & design process:



Hit that Book Consultation button at the top of the page and select Remodel Consultation.  This is different than the quick 90 Minute Session in that prior research about your property is done and your are sent a questionnaire to fill out before your appointment to make the most of our time together.  You will then be sent an email that includes a link to book your consultation. Please choose a time that is convenient for you!



You will receive an invoice from 1 AD Studio for $375, for a 2-hour consultation at your project site.  Research will be done on your property prior to visit to maximize your consultation time. Sure you want to change things up but can your home and /or site support this project? We'll find out!  You will have plenty of information about your site to decide whether to move forward or not.



Let me know so I can put together a Design Job Proposal for you.  Once accepted...we'll measure your space and incorporate information from your consultation and questionnaire.  Checking your homes current systems, permitting times and budgeting will all be discussed.  You know, the un-fun stuff.  As-Built drawings will be created and from these designing will begin!



Design will be presented!  Once you choose one to move forward with, we develop your design, moving at your pace. We have meetings at the end of each phase to go over your drawings so you’re always kept in the loop and can ensure your goals and requests are being met through out the process.  These drawings provide enough information for a rough estimate from a contractor.



At our final design meeting you’ll have a full set of architectural drawings, documenting your design, a lighting plan and a list of specifications that include all your finishes, fixtures and materials.  Now it's time to get written, line item bids from contractors! We'll help you with this process as well with referrals from locals like us!



Once construction begins I will be there to review each milestone with site visits, contractor meetings, and updated drawings or specs as needed.  We are just a phone call away!


Val walked me through a step by step process of what to expect which really put me at ease.  

“I was a bit nervous about my kitchen remodel since it was my first major home improvement project and Val walked me through a step by step process of what to expect which really put me at ease. She was very professional from day 1, always on time with plans and documents and very flexible with setting meeting times. She encouraged me to be "open" to various plans that she presented yet at the same time was very willing to listen to me and was not at all offended when I preferred my (few) ideas over hers. I thought she was very honest with her opinions and always gave me a reason as to why. I hope to do another remodel project in 2 years and I would definitely work with Val again on that project.”

- Jodie R.