Is it feasible to build a new backyard cottage

DADU The King Residence

You think your neighborhood is pretty cool, the location, the bars and restaurants and you plan on staying!  

You've heard about backyard cottages and thought about all the ways you might be able to use this type of space; family, friends, guest house, rental potential or maybe a place for you or a loved one to age in place.

1 AD Studio can help you with that. 

We'll talk about your lots potential, the potential for re-using any existing structures, and how your vision can all come together.

But in addition to the fun stuff, we'll talk about building codes, energy codes, land use and other stuff that keeps me up at night. Including stuff that may keep you up at night; costs.

The 'feasibility study' process:



Hit that Book Consultation button at the top of the page and let me know your goals for taking this big step.  Include as much information about your project as possible to maximize our time together.  You will then be sent an email that includes a link to book your consultation.



You will receive an invoice for $375, for a 2-hour consultation at your project site in the Seattle area.  What can your lot support? We'll find out!  You will have plenty of information about your site to decide whether to move forward with a Feasibility Study.



If you decide to move forward, you'll receive an invoice for $1,950.  The next step of planning for an DADU, is drawing the features of your lot (or parcel).  We'll measure your lot for a Site Plan and take some photos of trees, utilities and other items that may affect design.  We will take our initial prior research, information from the consultation, and the measurements and photos to create a Site Plan.



Once you Site Plan has been done and we have determined your lots 'buildable area' we'll start talking about what a cottage might look like; how big can it be, entry paths, privacy, outdoor spaces, roof lines and window locations.  This will inform the Floor Plan.  Your project will start to take shape!




At our final design meeting you’ll have a Basic Site Plan for a pre-application, a preliminary floor plan and preliminary 3-d model for how the shell of your new structure may look.  This starts to make it real and gives you information to speak with others about your project.



Are you ready to move forward with a Full Plan Set and permitting? Are you ready to become a land developer?  After you've had time for all this new information to sink in, its time to decide whether a backyard cottage is for you.  Just because you've never done anything like this before doesn't mean it's not possible!

DADU Kitchen Interior

What's your movtivation...

"Initially my motivation for building a DADU was to generate a small income as a short or long term rental that could then serve as a place for me to age in place. So throughout the design and building process I kept my needs in the forefront. Midway through the process my situation changed and now I am living in the DADU full time with intentions of renting out my primary residence.  A good starting point once you decide to funding."                                                                                                                                               

    Mary C.