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Val Sporleder Seattle Interior Designer & Remodeler

How we can work together




You are not looking to remodel. You don't need much.  Just a nudge in the right direction. Space planning here, plumbing or lighting fixtures there, trim, paint color questions? You have a lot of ideas but want verification they’ll all work in your space.  Schedule a 90 minute, in-home session so you can learn how to incorporate all those great ideas into your home and ensure they all work together.  These sessions move fast and you must take notes!  You will get ideas, resources for purchasing and referrals. Go ahead, dip your foot in the waters of home improvement. Let's dive straight into the fun parts!


START WITH Consultation

Remodel, ADU, or addition? You need a BIG change in your home but you don't know where to start.  Should you remodel? Do you need to add space or just reconfigure your existing?  Is any of this possible with your home?  I visit your home to see the site, hear your goals and assess your space.  I will come armed with information about your structure, your property and the rules that affect it. I'll explain the design process and how we work.  You will get all your questions answered about how to move forward with your project!


then move to Feasibility

Once you have had time to digest all the new information you have learned about your home and some of the rules surrounding your specific project, contact 1AD Studio and to let us know you want to move forward. We will then help you refine the scope of your project and create a personalized proposal for you.  The proposal will clearly define the phases of your project and the cost of each along with additional costs that may be required by others (like permit fees!). Your project will begin to take shape!