Kitchen remodel & design in Seattle

Villa Chef

Family Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes you want to cook all your meals outdoors at a villa in Italy. For most people, that’s just not possible. The next best thing is to bring the elements from this place to your home.  How do you do that in the Pacific Northwest?

Pare down the elements to their basic essentials. At a villa, you are outside in the sunshine and cooking over a fire, most likely. So first up, lots of natural light and lots of natural ventilation so it seems like you are outside!  Buy the biggest, residential gas stove, with an indoor grill that your space can accommodate and a hood powerful enough to suck up small children at it’s highest setting for all the smoke you will be creating.  

Choose countertops where it is okay to place a 500* pan on them and, nothing can possibly stain them. Place all your cooking tools; cast iron pans, tongs, knives, and cutting boards out where you can see them and access them easily. Everything should be durable and made of stone, iron or wood. 

A large, rustic table for your big, family dinners, a warm color palette, and an herb garden just outside your door complete the picture. And last, but definitely NOT least, a place for your wine! It doesn’t have to be a cool, dark place because this wine is not for storage. It is for drinking!