Kitchen remodel & design in Seattle

Travelers Home Base

Kitchen, Bathroom, Office Remodel

Sometimes your job and life are so exciting and so full of travel you just need a home away from everything.  In this case, life on an island makes perfect sense! Once you have chosen your location, and you have your space, you now need to make it your own.  

We started with the big back yard because with teenagers the best thing you can do is make a great outdoor space to hang out in!  A firepit and seating and new plantings can really spruce up the place and because the back drop was a beautiful forest, we kept the elements as natural as the beach down the road. We just moved the beach a little closer…and made it dog proof, resistant, okay dog friendly. (Note: protect new plantings.  Fresh earth is like crack to a dog!).  [Pictures will be added come spring]

Then on to the house for more fun!  We updated the kitchen: new tile, countertops, a new sink and lighting.  We updated the family room: removed a wall, new paint and lighting (and a fabulous new piece of art work from world travels!).  

We updated the office: replaced a ladder with a real live staircase and added storage every place it would fit.  We updated the master bath: well, to make it more ‘master bath-ish’. You know, new tub, new tile, new vanity, more lighting and two new sinks and of course a fresh coat of paint.

From inside out this traveler now has a sanctuary to return to after each trip and a place for all family members to gather on the rare occurrences they are all at the same place at the same time!