Right Sized AADU

AADU in Seattle

Living in an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is about having only the space you need. This frees up resources like money and time due to the low maintenance of small living.

But there are certain elements that are needed and cannot be left out simply because the space is small. Two of those elements are storage and outdoor space.

One is exciting and one is not. Outdoor space gives you the opportunity for fresh air, sunlight and a change of scenery. You are at once relaxed when you enter an outdoor space with a comfy place to sit, a table for your drink and some type of nature nearby. It can be your favorite potted plant, a busy bird feeder, or a view. This space has all of that which is accessible from French doors which let in an abundance of light and open the small space to a large backyard lawn.

Storage is not so exciting, but it is required. In small spaces you need to get creative and tuck it in wherever you can. Under a bench, under a bed, up high and every where in between.

This project had 10’ ceilings so we took advantage of the height. With storage above the washer / dryer, above the kitchen cabinets and above the eating area, we were able to squeeze out every possible square inch.
Storage located in these areas needs some thought as to how it can be accessible. A ladder was necessary. But we couldn’t have ladders hanging around everywhere and the storage wouldn’t need to be accessed most of the time. Therefore, a length of pipe was installed into backing at all these locations and a light-weight ladder with hooks can be moved to any of these locations as needed and stowed away the rest of the time.

The ADU also has a private, covered entrance. There is parking right beside the door and a common area where bikes and other items can be stored.

It has everything a large house has on a smaller scale! Don’t be afraid of small living!
[This ADU was rented before it was even finished!]