Quick Permit Quick Build

Accessory Structure to Dwelling Unit

At 1AD Studio all projects start with a consultation. For a DADU Consultation we research your property and structure and discover your unique challenges. We document what is possible and devise a plan to move forward.  But sometimes time and money become paramount to expanding your space. That’s where the Quick Permit, Quick Build comes into play!

Many times my clients need extra space to use as an office or studio space and many times add a bathroom as well. This became very common during the pandemic. But how do you get something built when permitting takes forever and budgets are tight?  You design for an SFTI permit which can get you a permit in 1-2 days!

This can include keeping your project under certain size thresholds, such as a small addition.  Or keeping detached structures under the definition of an detached accessory structure. Notice the words ‘dwelling’ and  ‘unit’ are missing.

1AD Studio has a pre designed 380 square foot structure that starts as an accessory structure that has all the potential elements of a DADU.

It begins as a simple structure that can bloom into a full blown dwelling unit. If you plan from the start, and make “DADU decisions” throughout the design process. Much like you would transform an unfinished basement into a living unit. It has been designed to be easier, faster and less expensive to build but still customizable because there are no interior bearing walls.  It can evolve with your needs over time and as funds allow.

We start with slab on grade with a simple shaped structure above and a sloped roof. We use all standard lumber, nothing fancy.  The framing strategies used are to keep lumber to a minimum while still meeting all the building and energy codes of a living unit.   The large south facing windows capture as much natural light as possible while the north wall provides air tightness and privacy.  We didn’t forget about storage (inside & out!) and we didn’t forget about the flex spaces and the ‘areas in between’ with the covered outdoor space.

Positioning the studio at the far end of the structure, a bathroom in the middle, and an office space near the entrance, it allows for a simple transformation in the future. The more private studio can become a bedroom and the desk area of the office space (against a plumbing wall) can become a kitchen sink with adjacent kitchen appliances that all open up to the patio or deck entrance. There is a flex space with smaller windows in between the two open areas.  This can be a sitting area or be used for high storage cabinets or more accessible lower storage.

Detached accessory structures may be permitted via the STFI process.  This is a 1-2 day permit (on a good day) that stands for ‘Subject To Field Inspection’.  Where you place it on your lot can determine the details of what you can and cannot do. Let’s find out if this type of structure is for you!