Kitchen remodel & design in Seattle

Out With the Old

Kitchen Remodel

In West Seattle, there are neighborhoods full of one certain kind of house which tell you which decade a new section of Seattle was created. In this case, it was the early 1940’s.  Small, rectangular homes, with living on one level and an unfinished basement. They usually have a big fireplace and they were built to be functional and sturdy. But sometimes old spaces need to be upgraded to newer, better spaces.

These homes are small, but the bones are good. The perfect home for a couple. A small, cozy kitchen was updated with more efficient, space-saving appliances and new cabinet fronts. The floors were refinished (another nice element of these homes…original wood floors that last 100+ years!), a new table and a fresh coat of paint. 

HVAC systems were upgraded to bring it into the 21st century. A French drain and sump pump were added to the basement in preparation for the next step. Finishing out the basement!

The basement includes a 2nd bathroom, new office (to remove it from the living room), and a space to work out in that was a bit nicer than the previous dark, cold space.  

And along the way, kept in mind that one day it may be upgraded to an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, for a family member or to rent out. You may not have the time and resources to do this up front, but as long as you plan for this eventuality, future you will be so grateful to past you! Make future you happy and plan ahead!