Life Goals Met, Courtesy of your Home

Apartment Over Garage

Most of my projects are not entirely about building a structure or adding space. The biggest asset most people own is their home.  We highly value that fact when planning and designing.  My clients want to make their biggest asset work for them and that was exactly the case with this project.

If you’ve been thinking about how you can fulfill lifelong dreams to live abroad, change careers or take care of family, and you are not independently wealthy, then you may need to tap into your biggest asset, your house! My clients bought a piece of property with a single family home that needed a lot of work.  Being the fully capable individuals they are, they remodeled the space but also changed it into a beautifully appointed duplex.  Their lot had recently been upzoned to multi family so they were able to add a third unit as well but there were a lot of rules about how you could do this and about what the structure needed to look like. That’s where 1AD Studio came in!

My clients were an interior designer and a general contractor so they had a lot of ideas in place but with any big project it takes a team to bring it to life! With that team in place we got this project planned, designed, drawn, permitted and built and in the end they were able to move into one of the smaller units and rent out the other two and guess what…? Now they live abroad! All courtesy of their home.  Life goals met and retirement, although a ways off, looks totally possible. And more, smaller affordable living units created! It’s a win-win!

Perched atop a 2-car garage with office and laundry, this studio unit has lots of windows to flood the interior with natural light.  The high, vaulted ceiling and minimal walls makes it seem spacious. And with full size kitchen and bath and a generous eating area it’s everything you need in a home.  And as always we didn’t forget about the spaces in between.  Every unit has their private outdoor space.

It takes time and money but if you are going to invest in anything you may as well make it something you have control over, is tangible and will work for you.

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