Forever Primary Luxury en suite

En suite Primary Bathroom

1AD Studio designs for longevity by following a simple rule.  The design itself should be functional making the space usable for years to come.  And the materials should be durable but also beautiful.  This project brought those two things together perfectly.

The size of many primary baths are too large.  They are out of scale for the activities which take place.  We made sure this bathing area was nicely scaled so as to feel relaxing and private and to use the views beyond to open it up.  The gorgeous porcelain slabs on the wall blend seamlessly with the sky outside and the porcelain tiles on the floor reflect the dark gray sand that is found in this area.  The vertical tiles on the wall are a warm wood color to bring in the spa like feel and keep the space from feeling cool.

The original vanity was in good shape, looked good and really could not be approved upon except for personalizing lighting the couple bought while on vacation and wanted to incorporate.  That’s a lesson as well.  Knowing when to leave well enough alone.

A ‘dry’ vanity was added on the opposite wall for all those activities where you don’t need a sink and can sit and relax while performing them. The mirror above reflects the views out the window behind it and blinds were added in order to use the LED lighting incorporated into the mirror.

A walk in closet was relocated to the other side of the room where an office beyond was too roomy for just one person. This made room for a glass enclosed steam shower and deep soaking tub.  The space saving sliding door between the vanity area and shower area had privacy glazing added so you could see the glow beyond the door and feel the space before entering it. The large use of glass around the steam shower was to open the shower up to the sound views beyond. We wanted nothing obstructing the view that was created by adding a window to this top floor bath.  A large soaking tub was placed near the window because why have a view if you’re not going to take advantage of the water, the natural light and the nature beyond.

I like remodels because there are constraints and challenges to solve and many times this makes for thoughtful design, amazing use of materials and innovative touches. This couple will be enjoying this luxurious space for years to come. If you would like to see what can be done with your spaces that are not being maximized to their fullest potential, schedule a consultation!