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Kitchen & Family Room Remodel

Reconfiguring space can be an essential first step to any remodel. You have the space but it is not working for how you use it. Probably because it’s 2015, not 1954 when the house was built. 

This is what prompted us to take down a wall to connect a kitchen to the family room AND the outdoors, but also to change the traffic flow so the new rooms are now actual rooms and not hallways. 

We also needed to add a large pantry and the only place to put it was in the middle of all these spaces.  So instead of trying to hide it, we celebrated it! That’s a way of saying, since you couldn’t hide something, you instead decide to design it to be aesthetically pleasing. 

The pantry and fridge are the two items that tend to take over a small kitchen. I downplay their bulk whenever possible but still keep them convenient and accessible. This pantry’s hidden door pushes and is caught by a magnet which holds it open if desired. It has a self-closing hinge for easy closing and has a motion activated light inside for a hands free way to light up the space.  And of course tons of storage!

With storage taken care of, we can now take on the rest!  We added a large window with a counter height sill  to maximize natural light and give the feeling of being outdoors, adding a large island that has comfy seating for all your friends and family and of course, it hides even more storage underneath! 

We added conveniences like a built-in coffee maker and wall oven.  And the last and biggest client request was to be able to see the TV from all spaces.  Mission accomplished!  With the added step of built-ins around it for display and of course extra storage underneath.  You can just never have too much storage because everyone needs space to hid the clutter!