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Captains’ Quarters

Kitchen Remodel

When you are a pilot and spend most days in a cockpit you need a place for everything, and everything in its place (Ben Franklin knew this way before there were airplanes).  There is a certain order to this type of workplace and just because you come home doesn’t mean function and order are no longer needed.  So, if you ask me to design your 1922 kitchen so that your broom and dust pan have their own special place, I will do it!   

Most kitchens of this era have enough square footage, but they are walled off from the rest of the house.  Step one, remove a wall to open the space to the living room. Step two, space planning. The 1920’s didn’t have the appliances we have today, and they didn’t have the food (or broom) storage that most of us need to day.

These problems were solved with new cabinets that increased the interior storage space and made it more functional.  New, durable quartz countertops and stainless-steel sink with a touchless faucet were added.

We also needed to make sure there was seating for 10 people. This was not going to be a daily occurrence so the space could not be created around this sole requirement. This is where flexible use comes in.  A table, with a leaf that easily expands and a movable island that could be scooted out of the way when needed.  Adding a cabinet-countertop area with stools that can serve as over flow seating to squeeze in a few more people and design a short run of cabinets as a bar area.  When the weekend comes, bring chairs up from the basement and viola! You have room for a dinner party with friends, but don’t feel alone in the space during your morning cup of coffee.

p.s. The broom is stored in the slim closet to right of the fridge.