Bungalow Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel

Some homes look small or feel cramped to the owners but many times the space is there, it just needs to be re-worked. This is especially common in kitchens where many functions take place simultaneously and many times there is more than one cook (or one cook and one “percher”) and once guests come over it all adds to the feeling of smallness.

We started with opening up walls as most people do, but rather than adding an island or other additions that can sometimes infringe on the space, we kept it open. This space was, and would always be, a connection between the living and dining room and outdoor space, so we planned for this. We also planned for what might be discovered during demolition.
We knew something out of the ordinary was going on in the ceiling and may impact the design. Therefore, the design took this into account and was planned so that if the things we suspected were true the design would still work.

After demo, it was discovered the homes old roof was above the kitchen ceiling and under the new roof. Framing that looked structural was not holding anything up. This all turned out to be an advantage and once removed and cleaned-up allowed the kitchen ceiling to be taller and the design to proceed as drawn.

Pantry and fridge are kept adjacent to facilitate putting groceries away. There is a separate beverage area; coffee in the morning and functions as a bar in the evening and when guests are over. All the spaces guests may need to access are kept on one side and along the walk thru.

Stove, sink, utensils and prep space are kept within the working side of the kitchen and close to the natural light and countertop space.
And nestled between these two spaces is where one would perch.

Percher: is the non-cooking person who opens the wine, stirs the pot (literally and figuratively) and sits on stool at the counter, or perches, close by while sipping the wine and keeping the cook company. Every kitchen should have a spot for someone to perch!