Basement AADU Living Large

Basement ADU 2bed/2bath

A perfect example of finding space in your existing home!  Finishing out your basement.  

It was time to tackle this 1500 square foot basement. Changes and additions had been made along the way.  Some good, some not so good.  But now my clients mother was coming to live with her and it needed to be beautiful!

Everything needed to be stripped away; All but two structural walls, all the existing plumbing hanging from the ceiling and the heating (and cooling now!) for the whole house needed to be updated.  All  of this within an ECA (environmentally critical area defined by the city of Seattle).  ECAs are one of the first things we check on a project because it has the possibility to significantly impact a project.

Finishing a any basement can be challenging for many reasons and number one is moisture.  It can come up through the slab or seep through foundation walls or even be created indoors through human activities.  Moisture problems needed to be addressed before moving forward.  Then previous plumbing and Electrical work needed to be brought up to code.  And finally, we needed to find a way into the basement that would work for aging in place and satisfy the city requirements for AADUs.

We decided to use the existing driveway as a ramped entrance but we spruced it up with a new wall with handrail, plantings, a covered porch and a punch of color at the door.

Half the basement was above ground so that’s where the main living spaces were placed, and storage was pushed to the areas which were below ground.  Windows were added in strategic places to maximize natural light, views and sight lines.  Artificial lighting was carefully planned and walls were kept at a minimum.    

Then I met my clients for a 5 hour interior material selection meeting.  Based on the space, client preference and what was readily available I had materials laid out for them.  Tiles! Cabinets! Flooring! Not all clients can make decisions this fast but if you are one of them you can save a lot of time and money!

It was a long process but now the space is ready for her mom to make the big move and with all the care that went into making sure this space met all her needs I am sure she will love it!  If you are ready to start a basement ADU project, click here to take the first step!

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