Detached Accessory Structure

Faster to Permit: The Flexible Structure

Detached Accessory Structures (DADUs) often involve lengthy design and permitting processes because they create new living units. However, there are situations where you need something designed, permitted, and built quickly. That’s where this innovative structure comes into play!

  1. Pre-Designed and Streamlined:
    • This structure is pre-designed, which means it’s ready to go and with no interior load bearing walls it can be customized quickly.
    • When the kitchen is removed it isn’t a dwelling unit. As a result, it avoids the full design review process that a DADU would typically undergo in the City of Seattle.
    • Instead, it’s eligible for an STFI (Subject to Field Inspection) permit, which can be obtained in one week or less.
  2. Less Design, Less Time, Lower Costs:
    • By skipping the complex design phase, you save valuable time.
    • The streamlined process also translates to lower costs compared to a full DADU.
  3. Future-Proof Infrastructure:
    • Suppose you decide to upgrade to a full DADU later. If this structure already includes a bathroom, the essential infrastructure (water, sewer, and electricity) is already in place.
    • With careful placement on your lot, because the land use rules change depending on whether it is an accessory structure or dwelling unit, you can document any changes and submit for a change of use permit for a DADU.
    • This unit allows you to develop your structure incrementally, adapting as time and funds allow.
  4. Flexible from the Start:
    • You have options! You can choose to start with this structure as-is or go the DADU route from the beginning. Pre planning is key!
    • Its clever design ensures flexibility, allowing you to pivot in whichever direction suits your needs.
  5. Custom Constraints and Requirements:
    • Every lot has unique constraints and requirements based on its location. We’ll work closely with you to figure out the best placement for your workshop, office, guesthouse, art studio, or whatever creative purpose you envision!

Feel free to share more details about your lot. An on site consultation is a stand alone session that will give you the specific information you need to know how to move forward!

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