Does 1AD Studio Purchase My Items?

There are many things that set 1AD Studio apart.  One major difference between us and other design firms is we do not purchase product.

Most design firms (especially interior design firms) make their profit from buying product and re-selling to clients.  This takes considerable time and effort; ordering, tracking, taking delivery, storing, reviewing for damages and coordinating repairs, returning items and tracking inventory.  It is time consuming and therefore expensive!

It is why some believe professional design services are out of reach.   There are clients out there who need a full-service design firm and can pay for it.  Others may only want a design and/or remodel of their space that is tailored to the way they live and are fully capable of purchasing the furniture and fixtures on their own, once sourcing and specifications have been confirmed.

We have chosen the ‘no procurement’ path to make great design accessible to everyone!  We spend all our time on design, not on invoicing, ordering, tracking inventory, etc.  We stay close to home, work on smaller structures, common in urban areas, and we highly encourage client involvement in the design process!

But do not fear. We do not leave you alone in the selection process. We select and specify materials & fixtures appropriate for your project and provide countless retail resources for you.  Building products are normally purchased through your contractor, the one who will be installing it and warranting their work. We also offer referrals for general contractors, trades people and installers through retail outlets.

So, what do I do?

My job, as your Residential Designer, is to design your space. I decide the best layout for your home and for each rooms’ function. I take into consideration the placement of windows for the best views, sunlight and ventilation opportunities, the best placement of doors and the type of door for each situation.  I research plumbing codes and electrical codes.  I 3-D model your space if needed for you to see a design before committing. I use computer aided drafting software for design drawings to insure everything fits and will work in real life.

This drawing set also work as a communication tool between you, family members and for your contractor to bid your project and to obtain permits if necessary.  I know where to put cabinets and how to configure them and maybe even bypass them for a pantry instead.  I will determine the best materials for your space.  Which flooring is best for your lifestyle?  Which countertop is going to work with how you use your kitchen? What is the best type of lighting for what you are using the space for and where’s the best place to put it?  And in the end, I insure your space is functional, everything is coordinated or complimentary and most of all, safe and up to code!

There is a design firm out there for every client.  It’s just a matter of finding the one that fits your budget, your level of engagement, and your goals. We look for clients who want to maximize their space through thoughtful design, remodeling and small scale building and clients who are engaged in the process.  Contact us if you think we are a good fit!

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